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As we think of our Vicar, Revd Huw Mordecai on sick-leave, we can interact with him in our minds by reading his perceptive wise and often moving Musings from a Mordecai. These have been posted almost week by week since 1 April, and 'back-numbers- can be downloaded.

The Women’s Guild At Home scheduled for 4 August was postponed because of Covid-19 regulations concerns. The raffle for two hampers will take place after the 11am Holy Communion Service at St Mary’s on Sunday 16 August.

Cadillac Mountain
Picture of the day (click on image for full size view): Cadillac Mountain is not really a mountain - it is the main 1000ft feature of a big promontory just south of Bar Harbour, a major fishing port on the Maine coastline, which also features whale-watching and cosiderable consumption of lobsters. Cadillac is in the Acadia Park, a major recreation area, and climbing the mountain is a popular, pleasurable but not too challenging place to test a head for heights.

There will be live services at St Mary's Church at 16/8/20. If you are unable to attend live services, the 11am livestream Sunday service will take place each week. (You can join it any time after 10:45am.)

Please also join us for a live stream Evening Prayer/Compline service, which takes place at 8:15pm every Thursday evening.

There is now a Morning Prayer service at 9.15 on Tuesdays. (Click the link for details).

Read the current Parish Mag at .
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Web complete with ads. You can also look at the ads on their own by visiting the Advertisers' page.

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We do need your support …

If you would like more information about joining the Friends of St Mary's (or making a donation) please email us at INFO.

Membership costs just £20 per annum for Individual Membership or £30 for Family Membership. When you join, you may wish to give an additional donation.

If you pay UK income tax, your subscription (and donations) can be increased by 25% at no cost to yourself if you can send or give us a Gift Aid form.

Please note that any details about yourself that you may supply the Friends will be only used in accordance with our GDPR (Data Protection) policy, which can be found by pressing the blue [GDPR Policy] button above.


The easiest way to join is by email. The first step is to make a donation using by making a CAFDonate donation of the appropriate membership subscription, plus, optionally a donation. To do this press this Friends' general fund button, and mark the Reference as Subscription. Then send an email to us at using this text, which you may adapt as you like.

Within a day or two, CAFDonate supplies us the address and email details that you have given them. We will coordinate this information with your email message. We will be then be in touch with you to confirm your membership.


An application form for membership can be found at this link. It should be downloaded for printing, completed and sent (with a cheque or cash if you do not wish to use a standing order) to:

The Treasurer, Friends of St Mary's Winkfield
Spring Lanes House,
Holly Spring Lane,
Bracknell RG12 2JL

or alternatively it can be handed during a regular Sunday service at St Mary's Winkfield to Mrs Philpot, the Church Warden and Chairman of the Friends, or to Mr Hodson, the Treasurer of the Friends. We will acknowledge your new membership by email or letter.

If you pay UK income tax, your subscription (and donations) can be increased by 25% at no cost to yourself if you can send or give us a Gift Aid form.

You will be kept up to date with regular bulletins. We will publish reports from the Friends in the Winkfield Parish News - usually known as the 'Parish Mag'. (Current and past editorial sections can be found by clicking on the link.) Reports will also be posted on this website, and we will publish occasional newsletters or notifications by email (or by physical mail on request).

We also aim to arrange at least three entertaining and informative events each year for Friends. Administrative costs are kept to a minimum so that substantially all subscriptions and donations can be dedicated to the maintenance of the ancient fabric of St Mary's Church. Please keep an eye on 'News & events'!

Thank you

Renewing your Friend's subscription

To renew your subscription, please go to the Renewal page:

Contact us by email at 'INFO' (
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