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Benefice APCM 26/3/19

The Benefice APCM will take place at 8pm on Tuesday 26th March at 7.30pm at Popels Hall, Church Road, Winkfield, Berkshire, SL4 4SQ.

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Production of the Parish Mag

Articles for publication are welcome from anybody.

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The deadline for articles in each magazine is normally (but see below) the 10th of each month in which the magazine is published.

Collation dates for 2019 are:

April edition: Friday 29/3/19
May edition: Friday 26/4/19
June edition: Friday 24/5/19
July/August edition: Friday 28/6/19
September edition: Friday 23/8/19
October edition: Friday 27/9/19
November edition: Friday 25/10/19
December/January edition: Friday 22/11/19

Please be aware that the collation dates before the 25th day of the month can put an untenable squeeze on the editorial work, so we may well have to bring the deadline for editorial material forward by two or three days for such months.

You can contact the editors using the address, telephone number or email address below.

The Winkfield Parish News belongs to and supports the Winkfield Parish directly, and is not a publication of the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield although the Friends sponsor the Parish Mag by hosting the online Winkfield Parish News on their website.

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Mr & Mrs A E Hodson
Spring Lanes House, Holly Spring Lane,
Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2JL
Tel: 01344 483347

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