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The June 2021 Winkfield Parish Mag is now available
HERE. Advertisements are on their own page.

2020 editions and earlier, back to 2014, are also available - use the buttons above, or the links below for this year's editions.

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February 2021

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June 2021

Production of the Parish Mag

Articles or other text for publication are welcome from anybody; they may be on church or other subjects (which are lightly limited by the published Editorial Policy).

Click the button above to see the Parish Mag Editorial Policy - last saved 14/1/19, Articles (etc.) should be kept to less than 400 words, except after consultation with the editors, who also reserve the standard editorial right to adjust, re-punctuate and if necessary cut text, without losing the intent of the article. Authors will be able to review changes in the 'draft for comment' that is circulated before finalising the artwork.

The editors invite submission of comments by email, and reserve the right to publish, or not publish, this material.

The deadline for articles in each magazine is normally the 10th of each month in which the magazine is prepared for the following month. However, with a slightly more lightweight magazine during the pandemic, the deadlines are amended (see below). Note that in 2020 the magazine was changed officially to bi-monthly to ease the load on the kind people who deliver the printed magazine, but because the pandemic prevented physical delivery, and also because government regulations created an impossibility to plan two and a half months ahead, we reverted to monthly publication.

Parish Mag deadline

For the July 2021 edition, these are the key production dates:

  • Deadline for submitted material for the July 2021 Parish Mag: Monday 14 June
  • Publication of draft for comment: Thursday 17 June
  • Deadline for comments and corrections: 12noon Saturday 19 June
  • Publication of magazine on the Web: Sunday 20 June
  • Low quantity printing of magazine: Monday 21 June

You can contact the editors using the address, telephone number or email address below.

Ownership of the Parish Mag

The Winkfield Parish News belongs to and supports the Winkfield Parish directly, and is not a publication of the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield although the Friends sponsor the Parish Mag by hosting the online Winkfield Parish News on their website.

The Parish Mag is also accessible from the Parish website

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