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STOP PRESS (21/3/20)

The April/May parish mag editorial has been published online (the second red button from the left, next to the February/March editorial button).

The April/May parish mag will not be printed and distributed in the usual way as a result of Covid-19 problems. Instead, we will print enough copies to leave for visitors in our churches. We plan as soon as possible to have parish mag advertising up on this webpage, too, and we would urge all our readers to support advertisers in these difficult times.

Please refer to the Benefice website which will used to convey all the most important announcements relevant to iur church community. Please note that all church services have been cancelled until further notice, but our churches will be open for prayer and contemplation.

200212 Natalie Spring-Rice

The Winkfield Parish Mag is now bi-monthly

2020 editions are available using the links below - for earlier editions use the buttons above.

February/March 2020

April/May 2020

Production of the Parish Mag

Articles for publication are welcome from anybody.

Click the button to see the Parish Mag Editorial Policy - last saved 14/1/19

The deadline for articles in each magazine is normally (but see below) the 10th of each month in which the magazine is published. Collation dates are listed below

June/July edition: Friday 29/5/20 - watch this space for changes
August/September edition: Friday 31/7/20
October/November edition: Friday 25/9/20
December/January edition: Friday 27/11/20

Please be aware that the collation dates before the 25th day of the month can put an untenable squeeze on the editorial work, so we may well have to bring the deadline for editorial material forward by two or three days for such months.

You can contact the editors using the address, telephone number or email address below.

The Winkfield Parish News belongs to and supports the Winkfield Parish directly, and is not a publication of the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield although the Friends sponsor the Parish Mag by hosting the online Winkfield Parish News on their website.

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