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Friends of St Mary's Winkfield

Registered Charity 1162342

St Mary's church, Church Road, Winkfield, Berks, SL4 4SF
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The November 2021 Parish Mag is now on line.

31 October is ALL SAINTS day – the 22nd Sunday after Trinity. 9:30am Family Praise will be followed at 11am by BCP Morning Prayer.

Future event flyers are HERE.
We are still recruiting for the 'Music and Merriment' Junior Choir - thanks to those who have signed up: use this link to join!See orange buttons below to buy 'Music and Merriment' and 'Art of Flower Arranging' tickets online.
The Good Neighbours are in real need of new drivers!

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The Parish website carries details of services around the parish.
Please also join us for a live stream Evening Prayer/Compline service, which takes place at 8:15pm every Thursday evening.
There is now a live stream Morning Prayer service at 9.15 on Tuesdays. (Click the link for details).
There will be no Sunday Zoom services until further notice

Read the current Parish Mag HERE .
The Parish Mag is not currently published on the Web with ads.
You can look at the ads on their own by visiting the Advertisers' page.

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About us

The Friends of St Mary's Winkfield is a registered charity (number 1162342) set up to raise money for the conservation, embellishment and maintenance of St Mary's Church, Winkfield, a Grade II* listed building that has been here since the 13th century. Our aim is to ensure that this magnificent building remains in the best condition possible for us and for future generations, both locally and world-wide, to enjoy.

It enables people, whether they are local, national or international supporters, be they church-goers or not, to contribute to the future of this magnificent piece of English history.

All Friends of St Mary's Church will be kept informed of the Charity's activities by our website, through the Winkfield 'Parish Mag'(current and past editorial sections can be found by clicking on the link), and by occasional newsletters and other communications.

Becoming a friend

The membership of the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield is a group of mainly local people who have joined up by paying a subscription, and, in many cases, making additional donations and participating in and generally supporting fund-raising events. These funds are saved up to go towards projects on behalf of St Mary's church that further the published aims of the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield. You can find more by following the links above to other pages, particularly 'News & events' and 'Become a Friend'.

Where St Mary's fits in

St Mary's is the Parish Church of the parish of Winkfield and is one of three churches (much the oldest one) within the Parish of Winkfield, Cranbourne and Chavey Down. The other churches are St Martin's, Chavey Down and St Peter's, Cranbourne. The Parish has its own website, which can be accessed by pressing the 'Parish Website' button at the top of the page.

We, the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield, collaborate with the PCC to maintain the Church as a working and living amenity for the local community.

We strive to increase the funds available to the PCC in general, by raising money for the maintenance of St Mary's to support their registered objectives. Thus the finances of both the PCC and the Parish are enhanced by our activities.

In addition to services, weddings, funerals and civic occasions, St Mary's hosts concerts (e.g. the annual Christmas Concert) as does St Peter's. Popel's Hall nearby is also available for appropriate functions - and the White Hart Pub opposite the church provides hospitality of its own kind!

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