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21 July is the 8th Sunday after Trinity. At St Mary's Church at 9.30am there will be Family Praise, followed at 11am by Holy Communion.

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Sunday 14 July 2024, the Sixth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 14 July, the Sixth Sunday after Trinity, began with a Said Holy Communion service led by Patrick Mukholi. Then the Tower bells welcomed all to the Family Matins service. The story was Daniel in the Lions Den read by the children who also read the Bible readings and prayers. Madeline Holl accompanied the hymns on the piano.

Sunday 7 July 2024, the Sixtth Sunday after Trinity

The glorious sound of the Tower Bells welcomed all to a service of Family Communion on Sunday 7 July, the sixth Sunday after Trinity. The service was led by Patrick Mukholi. The choir’s communion hymn was 'Peace, perfect peace'. It was good to see organist Luke Saint again, His voluntary at the end was an improvisation on the final hymn – 'O Jesus, I have promised'. A wonderful performance.

Sunday 30 June 2024, the Fifth Sunday after Trinity

The service on Sunday June 30 the Fifth Sunday after Trinity was Crafty Choral Matins led by John Kimble. The service referred to the extraordinary life of Erice Liddell. 2 children read from Eric Liddell Breaks Records (A McCall Smith) and 7 children read from He Was a Good Man also A. McCall Smith. The choir interlude was Come, my way, my truth, my life (Aus der Tiefe) and the hand Bell ringers rang Lord of the Dance. William Bishop was our organist and he ended the service with an excellent performance of 'marche-sortie' by Theodore Dubois. We shall see more of William.

Sunday 16 June 2024, the Thurs Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 16 June the Third Sunday after Trinity began with a 9:30am Family Praise service telling of the conversion of Saul (who became St Paul). Once again the children read the prayers and bible passages. The young girl who had missed reading her May Poem at the Family Matins service as she was in hospital, is now fully recovered and read her poem this morning.. She was congratulated by all. Then at 11am there followed a service of Holy Communion led by Patrick Mukholi. Henry Smith ended the service with a performance of 'Grand Choeur' by Louis Raffy.

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