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On 14 August, the 9th Sunday after Trinity, there will be Family Matins at 10am. There will be no 8am Holy Communion.

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St Mary's Family Communion 7/8/22

Family Communion at St Mary's on 7 August was led by Vusi Mabuza. It was so good to see him again. The choir, although small, was in good voice. Jonathan Holl ended the service with a splendid performance of 'Sketch in C' by Schumann. Rev Vusi Mabuza also took 2 baptism services after Family Communion.

St Mary's Crafty Choral Matins 31/7/22

Crafty Choral Matins on Sunday July 31 told the story of St James the Apostle, sometimes called St James the Greater and also known by his Spanish name: Santiago de Compostela. James travelled through the Roman Empire with the Gospel of Christ, and legend has it that he took the Gospel to Spain where his supposed relics were uncovered and their location became a great centre of Christian pilgrimage. The City that developed is named after him as is his red cross with its sword like blade. James is represented by a shell and this has now become a widespread emblem for a pilgrim. Two of the children read passages relating to pilgrimages, and they took a drawing of his red cross and a shell to the altar. Other children in the congregation also took crosses and shells to the altar. The Hand Bell ringers rang La Mourisque, a dance in the style of the Moors – European Muslims who occupied Spain for many centuries. It was good to welcome Luke Saint again who ended the service with his own splendid improvisation on our final hymn, 'Jesus shall reign where’er the sun... '

Crafty Church and Matins 24/7/22

At Crafty Church on 24 July, the theme was Mary and Martha. The children read the bible passages, prayers and an interesting poem about Mary and Martha. The activity involved cutting out the puppets of Jesus, Mary and Martha, attaching lolly sticks to the back of each puppet using the tape provided and then have the puppets act out the story of Mary and Martha when Jesus visited their house. There was also a word search. Morning Prayer followed at 11am and the theme was Mary Magdalene. The choir was supported by Jonathan Holl who ended the service with a glorious performance of Choral Song - S S Wesley.

Family Praise and Communion 17/7/22

Family Praise on Sunday 17 July told the story of St Swithun, the children read the Bible passages and prayers and we were also lucky enough to listen to a pianist and violinist. This was followed by Holy Communion led by Patrick Mukholi. We were again fortunate to be joined by a member of our extra singers, and William Brooke ended the service with an excellent performance of Rondeau from Abelazer, Henry Purcell.

Family Communion 3/7/22

The Tower Bells rang before the Family Communion service on Sunday 3 July led by Rev Patrick Mukholi. Jonathan Holl ended the service with a splendid performance of Couperin – Dialogue on the Grands Jeux. A delightful baptism service following Communion with 20 young friends attending. A wonderful moment when Rev Patrick suggested they all gather round and look into the font!!

Regular parish events (after Lockdown is finished) can be found by following this link. More detail about future events can be found in the current Parish Mag (which can be accessed online on this link).


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