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On Sunday 13 June, the Second Sunday after Trinity, there will be Family Matins in St Mary's Church at 10am.

The June 2021 Parish Mag is now on line

Revd Patrick Mukholi's plan is for 8am Communion services at St Mary's to restart on 27 June 2021.

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The Parish website carries details of services around the parish.
Please also join us for a live stream Evening Prayer/Compline service, which takes place at 8:15pm every Thursday evening.
There is now a live stream Morning Prayer service at 9.15 on Tuesdays. (Click the link for details).
If you are unable to attend live services, the 11am livestream Sunday service will place each week. (You can join it any time after 10:45am.)

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A message from Revd Patrick Mukholi, our Interim Minister:

The Parish is moving towards normal services, beginning on Sunday 13th June with:

On Sunday 20 June, we will have:

On Sunday 27 June, we will begin with :

First Sunday after Trinity, 6 June

Once again, the Tower Bells rang as we approached the church for 1000 Family Communion service today. Unfortunately only members of the choir are able to sing the hymns and psalm, and this morning they also performed Schubert’s Holy, Holy, Holy.

This service was the first Communion for the children who were confirmed on 23 May. During the notices Patrick presented them with their Confirmation certificates. A glorious occasion.

Trinity Sunday, 30 May

The Family Praise service at 9:30am on Sunday 30 May was all about the description of Trinity Sunday, the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As usual one of the youngsters read the bible passage beautifully. This was followed by a service of Holy Communion led by the Revd Simon Baynes who was our vicar several years ago. He recited the prayer to each and every one in the congregation as he delivered the bread, which was very moving. It was so good to welcome Simon and his wife Caroline to St Mary’s.

Berkshire Chamber Music Festival concert, 29 May

On 29/5/21, performers for the Berkshire Chamber Music festival put on a very enjoyable concert in St Mary's church. The performers were highly talented young professionals, and they comprised a wind quartet (two violinist,s a violist and a cellist) that performed Beethoven's groundbreaking 'Serioso' string quartet for the first half, and in the second half, they were joined by their organiser, Poppy Beddoe, on her clarinet, to play the famous Mozart Clarinet Quintet.

The Serioso Quartet, written in 1810 is by turns strongly rhythmic, and lyrical in a style that was much more experimental than his earlier works. With unexpected rests and accents and complex chromatic sections, it even points to the beginnings of 20th-century compositional techniques, while the fiercer outbursts were perhaps reminders of Napoleon's attack on Vienna in 1809 when Beethoven continued to live there, while many others left the city.

It was played very convincingly with great skill, and gave a new listening experience to those more familiar with the late-classical form of earlier Beethoven pieces.

The Mozart Clarinet Quintet is a well-known work, and Poppy's gloriously slick clarinet tone and technical skill made it a joy to listen to, as she navigated the fast lyrical sequences, and she was beautifully supported by the string-quartet players - it was a masterful performance.The players enjoyed the welcome that they had at the beginning from Revd Patrick Mukholi and from the enthusiastic audience, which included quite a number of our local people. They very much enjoyed the acoustics of St Mary's church.

Our thanks to Poppy and Lesley Philpot for arranging this excellent event, and we can look forward to hearing Berkshire Chamber Music festival players again in the future. This is the kind of community occasion that supports the primary object of the Friends of St Mary's Winkfield.

Family Matins, Sunday 11 April

The story told by the children on Sunday was the Last Resurrection before the Ascension. The service began with one verse of 'Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem played on the organ by Anthony. Two children read the Bible readings and one youngster played the piano during the second hymn slot. The third hymn slot was a verse of 'O Sons and Daughters' played again by Anthony, and then the words read by one of the children, who also introduced the story of that resurrection. Nine of the youngsters took part. The service ended with prayers for the Royal Family, followed by one verse of 'The Lord is my Shepherd' to Crimond, its familiar tune, and the National Anthem. The children were excellent as usual.



'Messy Church' - now 'Crafty Church'

In this popular service, the children are encouraged to participate in craft activities that help them remember a particular bible truth or story. Usually there are between 6 - 8 activities. Obviously at this time we cannot continue that arrangement so we are trying a new format 'Activity in the Pew'. All youngsters will collect a bag as they enter the church containing all they need for the activity. The service will begin and when it is time for the activity the instructions will be shown on the screen.

Regular parish events (after Lockdown is finished) can be found by following this link. More detail about future events can be found in the current Parish Mag (which can be accessed online on this link).


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