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On Sunday 3 JUly, the 3rd Sunday after Trinity there will be 10am Family Communion

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Jubilee Thanksgiving Saturday 4/6/22

A short Thanksgiving service to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Anniversary took place at St Mary’s on Saturday 4 June. The three readings were all taken from the Coronation service in 1953 and were read by a member from each of the churches in the Parish and the hymns were all associated with Royal occasions. Rev. Patrick Mukholi gave the tribute, the Hand Bell Ringers rang a new piece Handbells:Celebration 70! – Arranged by Sandra Winter. The service ended with the National Anthem followed by Trumpet Tune and Air - Purcell played by Jonathan Holl

Family Communion Sunday 5/6/22

Sunday 5 June was Family Communion, led by Rev. Patrick Mukholi. The Introit was another performance of Handbells: Celebration 70! The children took the elements to the altar and the choir sang The Lord’s my Shepherd while the congregation took communion. (This was sung at the Queen’s wedding.) Jonathan Holl gave a wonderful performance of Marche Triomphale “Nun danket alle Gott” by Karg-Elert after the National Anthem was sung.

Choral Matins at St Mary's on Sunday 29 May

Crafty Choral Matins on Sunday 29 May, led by John Kimbell, was held in celebration of Pentecost - transferred from 5 June owing to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Our two-fold theme began with the scattering of the peoples and creation of different languages after the Tower of Babel's destruction in the Old Testament. This was followed in the New Testament by the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, which allowed people of nany various nations to hear the Gospel message in their own tongues.

The children began our service with an 'Olympic' march-past, carrying the flags they had made at Crafty Church and saying 'hello' in their chosen foreign language, to represent the dispersal from Babel / Babylon. Two digital voice recordings in Spanish and Russian spoken by an absent child were played and a special night-time prayer in Hungarian was recited from memory by another girl. The Lord's Prayer was also read in Latin and French, as well as in English!

St Mary's Church Choir sang the Anthem 'Spirit of God' to the tune of the Skye Boat Song, and the Hand Bell Ringers played Elgar's 'Land of Hope and Glory' in honour of the Queen's Jubilee, while the children's flags were waved once more as at the Last Night of the Proms. Our organist, Henry Smith ended this colourful and international service in a more reflective mood with an excellent performance of Thalben-Ball's 'Elegy.'

The preceding evening had been marked by a greatly enjoyed choral concert by the Founders' Choir of Holloway College. The eclectic programme had included churc music old and new, and was marked by precision singing by 14 talented members of the college. It was conducted by George Nicholls who has played the organ at many of our services during 2021 and 2022.

Crafty Church and Choral Matins at St Mary's on 22 May

Crafty Church was the first service on May 22 and the story was about the building of the Tower of Babel and how everyone began speaking other languages. The activity was making flags. The youngsters were asked to select a country, and then prepare the flag for that country, and were also asked whether they would be able to say “Hello” in that language at the service on May 29. The Bible passages and several prayers were read by the children. One youngster played the guitar. This was followed by Choral Matins led by John Kimbell. The sermon was about the Venerable Bede and John began with words taken from “The Gospel Flame” a poem written by Rev Simon Baynes 25 years ago for the 7th centenary year of St Mary’s. Bede can be seen in a stained glass window at the back of the church. Two of our extra singers joined us for the service and Henry Smith ended with a performance of Fugue in E Minor BWV533 by J S Bach.

Family Praise and Holy Communion at St Mary's on 15 May

Family Praise on Sunday 15 May told the story of Rogationtide, a week early. Pictures of seven topics to be remembered and thankful for were shown on the screen and the children read a bible passage and prayer for each of the pictures. This was followed by Holy Communion led by Rev Patrick Mukholi. Henry Smith once again played the organ and ended with a performance of Bach’s Prelude in E minor BWV 533.

Family Matins at St Mary's on 8 May

The Tower bells once again welcomed the congregation to the Family Matins service and the story of the Good Shepherd on 8 May. The children read all the prayersm and our talented group of actors took part in the play. One member also played the piano. Anthony ended the service with a wonderful performance of Bach's Short Prelude in Bb BWV 560.

Sunday services at St Mary's on 24 April and 1 May

Crafty Church on April 24 was all about the Lord’s Prayer. This was the prayer Jesus taught his disciples and after he had finished the explanation they asked him how to pray. The activity requested that the sentences be cut out and pasted onto the main sheet in the correct order. A fascinating morning.

This was followed by Morning prayer led by John Kimbell, the theme was St George. Jonathan Holl ended the service with an excellent performance of Toccata in F by Buxtehude.

The Tower Bells welcomed all to the service of Family Communion on 1 May. This was led by Rev Patrick Mukholi. The choir once again was able to sing while congregants took communion. Henry Smith ended the service with a splendid performance of Adagio in A minor BWV 564 by J.S. Bach.

Easter Sunday at St Mary's on 17 April

Easter Sunday began with the children leading the prayers and Bible passages. Then followed a special arrangement of the Easter Story for both narrators and hand bell ringers. The children were the narrators and our own Hand Bell Ringers rang. A wonderful start to Easter Sunday.

The Tower Bell Ringers rang before the 1100 Communion service led by Rev. Patrick Mukholi. The choir sang Anthony Hodson’s Easter Anthem, and Jonathan Holl ended the service with 'Carillon de Longpont 'by Louis Vierne.

Palm Sunday at St Mary's on 10 April

Family Matins on Palm Sunday began with a piano solo by one of the children. Others read the Bible passages and prayers beautifully and then many took part in the play describing Jesus’s journey to Jerusalem for the Passover. The service ended with another piano solo.

Family Communion at St Mary's on 3 April

The Tower bells welcomed all to the service of Family Communion on 3 April. The service was led by Rev. Patrick Mukholi and the Crucifer was a member of the 09:30 service. The children also took the elements to the altar. The choir sang 'When I survey the wondrous cross' while the congregants took communion. Jonathan Holl ended with the service with Bach's Prelude in E minor. (the ‘Little’ E minor).

Mothering Sunday at St Mary's on 27 March

The Mothering Sunday service on 27 March was led by John Kimbell. There were bible readings for two children and two grandmothers. All were read beautifully. Nine children moved to the front of the Chancel to read the prayers. John blessed the posies and the children collected them and took them to their Mothers. While they were being distributed, the choir sang “Shall we not love thee, Mother dear” (Beatitudo) John gave a fascinating sermon and Henry ended the service with a performance of 'Grandmother's Minuet' by Edvard Grieg.

Regular parish events (after Lockdown is finished) can be found by following this link. More detail about future events can be found in the current Parish Mag (which can be accessed online on this link).


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