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The March 2021 Parish Mag is now on line

It is another Crafty Church service this coming Sunday 28 February at 0930 at St Mary's, with the story of Jesus praying in the desert and the activity in the pew is making prayer chains. BCP Morning Prayer will follow at 11am. The music list is HERE.

Corona roadmap

The Prime Minister made a statement to the Commons on 22/2/21, outlining the roadmap to near-normality in four gradual stages, separated by at least five weeks, and with timing determined by measured progress of control over Covid-19. His speech to the commons can be found HERE. The first stage will begin on 8 March, with schools going back (including sport), and also university students requiring facilities only available on campus. Outdoor meetings will be allowed for one person outside the household socially or for exercise, with further derestrictions on 29 March. Care home residents will be allowed a single (indoors) visitor. See media for more.

The New York Times posted a powerful graphic yesterday to indicate what it means to have half a million Americans killed by the pandemic. You can see this graphic posted on our website. It clarifies the human scale of the tragedy.

There will be no 8am Communion services at St Mary's until further notice.

To access this Sunday's zoomed service please use the [This week's livestream service] button above.
The Parish website carries details of services around the parish.
Please also join us for a live stream Evening Prayer/Compline service, which takes place at 8:15pm every Thursday evening.
There is now a live stream Morning Prayer service at 9.15 on Tuesdays. (Click the link for details).
If you are unable to attend live services, the 11am livestream Sunday service will place each week. (You can join it any time after 10:45am.)

Read the current Parish Mag HERE .
The Parish Mag is not currently published on the Web with ads.
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Octopuses sense light with their 8 arms, even when they cannot see the light with their eyes. Even when they are asleep, they can move their arms to avoid light - perhaps to save the end of the tentacle from being mistaken as a tasty worm. (NYT 22/2/21)

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Family Matins 14 February 2021

The theme for Family Matins on 14 February was the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Twelve of our young congregation members took part in the bible readings and the telling of the story. They did it beautifully. One young member also played the piano and Anthony Hodson played the final hymn. Many thanks to everyone.

Family Praise and Morning Prayer 31 January 2021

Revd Patrick led the Family Praise service on Sunday 31 January. It began with the swearing in of the Church Warden, a service usually held for all Church Wardens in the Deanery at a local church. This year this was not possible, because of Lockdown rules so all Church Wardens were sworn in at their own local church. The service continued with the story of 'The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple'. One of the young members of the congregation gave us two excellently played performances on the guitar, and there were three readings by the children of the congregation.

Morning Prayer followed at 11am, and was a very special occasion because a wonderful detailed description of artifacts in St Mary's church was presented during the service.

This was the culmination of the work of The Church Recorders, who had finished their project of cataloguing and describing these objects in mid 2020, and then turned their work into a beautiful illustrated book of their findings, full of photographs and details of the history of each item. It is a truly wonderful record of our church.

Jonathan Holl then delighted us all with a performance of 'Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland' by Buxtehude (JS Bach's tutor at one time), followed by Bach's ingenious 'Wie schon leuchet der Morgenstern' ('How brightly shines the morning star!'). This familiar hymn tune is introduced at different speeds, sometimes all at the same time, and Jonathan played the interweaving musical lines with clarity.

As a final treat, the Hand Bell Ringers played their own beautiful anthem before the final hymn. It was a most enjoyable service.

The music list can be found HERE.

Despite the snow, St Mary's kept going!!! 24 January 2021

In spite of the snow families turned out for the 9:30am Crafty church yesterday - it was all about New Beginnings. The story of Christ’s baptism was told and the activity was to make a promise, write a prayer and complete the word search. The children were engrossed for some time. Two of the children gave the Bible readings and the service ended with the playing of the Bell Plates by one family. The 11am Morning Prayer service followed, and instead of a sermon Jonathan Holl gave a most enjoyable mini organ recital. The music list can be found HERE.

Family Matins Matins 10 January 2021

The children, once again, took part in The Family Matins service at St Mary’s yesterday, the First Sunday after Epiphany. Epiphany is sometimes called 'The Three Kings Day' and so we began the service with once verse of “We Three Kings of Orient are! played on the organ by Anthony. Nine young members of the congregation told the story of 'The flight into Egypt' beautifully and another youngster gave two excellent piano performances. Anthony ended the service with one more verse of 'We Three Kings'



'Messy Church' - now 'Crafty Church'

In this popular service, the children are encouraged to participate in craft activities that help them remember a particular bible truth or story. Usually there are between 6 – 8 activities. Obviously at this time we cannot continue that arrangement so we are trying a new format 'Activity in the Pew'. All youngsters will collect a bag as they enter the church containing all they need for the activity. The service will begin and when it is time for the activity the instructions will be shown on the screen.

Regular parish events (after Lockdown is finished) can be found by following this link. More detail about future events can be found in the current Parish Mag (which can be accessed online on this link).


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