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On 26 March, the 5th Sunday in Lent, there will be 8am Holy Communion. At 9.30am, there will be Crafty Church followed by 11am Morning Prayer

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Note that the Berkshire Chamber Music Ensemble concert in St Mary's church on 10 June contains a composition by the children of Winkfield St Mary's School. Buy tickets HERE

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Mothering Sunday 19 March

Sunday 19 March was Mothering Sunday and the service was led by John Kimbell. Two bible passages were read by two children and two more bible passages by two Grandmothers. 9 children moved to the Chancel steps to read the prayers. John blessed the posies and while they were being distributed the choir sang The Angel Gabriel. Once again we were fortunate in having several of our extra singers with us. The children then stood to lead the responsory. The hand bell ringers rang 'An English Country Garden' – a very polished performance. Henry our organist ended the service with Grieg’s “Grandmother’s Minuet”. A wonderful end to a truly memorable service.

Sunday 5 March, 2nd Sunday in Lent

As always we were welcomed to church by the Bell Ringers on Sunday March 5 to a service of Family Communion led by Revd Patrick. Attendance was excellent and enthusiastic. One young congregant carried the elements to the Altar The Choir’s communion hymn was Fairest Lord Jesus. Henry Smith ended the service with an excellent performance of 'Fantaisie in Eb major (Allegro di molto e con fuoco)' by Camille Saint-Saëns.

Sunday 26 February, 1st Sunday in Lent

Sunday 26 February started with a Holy Communion service at 8am, a wonderful start to the day. Crafty Church followed at 9:30am with 13 children reading the bible passages and prayers for each day of Lent, from Ash Wednesday to the First Sunday in Lent (which was last Sunday). The activity involved making prayer chains. There was a talented young pianist Morning Prayer led by John Kimbell followed at 11am. Once again we were fortunate to be joined by several of our extra singers. Henry ended the service with a performance of 'Andante in D major' by Mendelssohn.

Sunday 19 February, Quinquagesima

Sunday 19 February began with Family Praise. The story was the beginning of the Lenten journey and also talked about Jesus in the desert resisting the temptations put to him by the Devil. 9 children read the bible passages and prayers with two children also playing the piano. This was followed by 1100 Holy Communion service led by Patrick. Henry ended the service with a performance of 'Chorale Prelude on Melcombe' by C.H.H. Parry.


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