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Music and Merriment

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Welcome to the 2023 Junior Choir page.

This will contain briefs and information for Junior Choir members and their families. The buttons below point to JC music and other items of interest.


Welcome to the Junior Choir page. We will have a lot of fun, and put on a great show at the Concert.

Bulletin 21/11/23

Dear Junior Choir people,

The JC is making very good progress, and preparations are nearly complete for our great concert - including buying the glowsticks! Just two more rehearsals - next Sunday 5:30pm 26/11 and on Concert Day 2/12/23 11am-12 noon.

The concert handout is nearly complete - and can be found by pressing the dark-blue button just above. Other useful things are

You will need to be at the church for the concert at or just before 7pm to allow the children settle before the concert. We hope that we can accommodate a car per JC famaily on the church forecourt, and there will be a person to direct you when you get there.

Do be in touch with Anthony (admin) or Lucy (JC work) if there are any questions that you may have.

The important thing is for everybody to have a wonderful time taking part in our great concert!

Acknowledgement and appreciation

The JC is critically dependent not only on the enthusiasm of the children, but also on the support of their families, particularly the wonderful mums and dads who bring them to rehearsals, and encourage them so much! Thank you all!


This is a fund-raising concert for the church, but all JC members have free entry to the concert, and one parent comes at the concession price of £6 (other adults at £14). Tickets may be available for purchase at the rehearsals. Tickets may be purchased ONLINE.

You can purchase Music and Merriment tickets online.
Performers go in free.

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