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The St Mary's organ

In summary: pipe sponsorship and restoring St Mary's organ

This page is about the completed renovation in 2018 and 2019 of the organ of St Mary's church, Winkfield, and about the successful funding appeals to pay for the work.

The Organ-Pipe sponsorship campaign was just one component of the Organ Restoration Appeal of the PCC of St Mary’s Winkfield. Over the years, money had been set aside for major maintenance work, but by 2013 it was clear that a major renovation was required, and the Appeal was launched, with many donors responding, and with parishioners organising fund-raising events.

The Friends of St Mary’s Winkfield were established in late 2015, with the needs for the organ as a factor for its establishment. The Organ-Pipe sponsorship appeal was launched by the Friends in April 2017, and remained open until late 2018, as a target for donations. A key feature was a graphic display of sponsorship (see below).

All the pipes of St Mary’s Organ were sponsored. The sponsorship target was £7,503 in sponsorship of actual organ pipes, but, as a result of the enthusiasm that the Campaign engendered , the campaign raised £8,795, all for the Organ Restoration Appeal in general.

The success of the Organ-Pipe sponsorship campaign, and of the Organ Restoration Appeal in general, is the result of great generosity, not only from local people, but also from supporters outside the parish.

A grant for the church by the Mercers Company of the City of London brought available funds for the Organ Restoration Appeal to the point where work could start.

In August 2018, work started to a plan that had been established by a small Organ Committee led by Jonathan Holl.

Thank you

On behalf of the PCC, a huge thank you to everybody who contributed to the Organ Restoration Appeal, in every way, including those who supported Organ-Pipe sponsorship. It has taken cold hard cash in hand to restore the organ – so much of it coming from the generosity of parishioners and well-wishers, many of which prefer to stay anonymous.

There will be a special Roll of Honour for the sponsors of the Organ-Pipe sponsorship campaign. This will be permanently accessible near the organ, and will list sponsors who do not wish to stay anonymous, allowing them to include the special causes of their sponsorship.

Pipe Sponsorship - the details

The sponsorship diagram below indicates the disposition of all 774 organ pipes. (In fact there are more than 800 pipes, as some always are sounded together with two other pipes.) For many of the pipes the diagram shows the sponsor or a dedication, but many pipes were sponsored anonymously.


Following the completion of the Appeal, Tarquin Williams, the organ builder, was able to start work in August 2018.

The renovation work was complete enough by the beginning of December 2018 to enable the organ to be used satisfactorily at the Music and Merriment concert on 1/12/2018, and the completion took place over the ensuing two months.

The details of the organ and the renovation work is summarised on the Organ web-page.

The renovation included some changes in the ‘stops’. For example, the organ’s Trumpet stop was moved to the ‘Swell Division’ – pipes that are located in a box that opens or closes shutters to control how much of the sound reaches the congregation, and there were some other relocations. The Swell has a new Gamba stop that adds a new gentle sound.

Directory of pipes

This is the layout of the pipes in the organ – we have identified where there have been changes as a result of the renovation.

Organ pipe sponsorship

All pipes are now sponsored

Updated to 24/03/2019. Percentage of target reached: 100.0%

Pedal division (pedalboard)

Principal 8 - a core pedal stop; (total £380)

Bourdon 16 - The lowest stop for low-note depth.
Coupled to Bass Flute 8 and Flute 4 (total £826)

Great division

Trumpet 8 - a loud stop played for the occasion (total £550)

Mixture 19/22 - used for brightening and colouring for effect (total £344)

Fifteenth 2 - used for colouring - the highest stop (total £344)

Harmonic Flute 4 - a gentle brightening stop (total £414)

Principal 4 - a strong brightening stop (total £413)

Stopped Diapason 8 - important for moderately loud passages (total £688)

Dulciana 8 - a very gentle stop (total £276)

Open diapason 8 - the primary Great stop, with carrying power (total £688)

Swell division

Oboe 8 - a clear reed stop that carries (total £688)

Sesquialtera 12/17 - used for strong colouring (total £413)

Principal 4 - a strong brightening flute stop (total £413)

Open Diapason 8 - the primary Swell stop (total £688)

Rohr Flute 8 - a gentle flute stop (total £413)

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