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To keep spirits up, we will post a beautiful photo each day - press the [Picture of the day] button above. The hills above the south end of Derwent Water give a spectacular view, with the river Derwent below our viewpoint weaving its way past the Lodore Falls Hotel and through the flood-plain to feed the lake. Do email your own photos, which must be appropriate for the purpose for consideration to - please use 'POTD' (Picture of the day) in the Subject.

Bishop Olivia

Bishop Olivia has posted a Sermon for Pentecost, which can be found HERE.

Do attend the 11am livestream Sunday service that takes place each week. (You can join it any time after 10:45am.) This week, it is Morning Prayer in the St Martin's tradition. Please also join us for a live stream Evening Prayer/Compline service via Zoom to be held every Thursday evening at 8.15 pm.

We have put brief appreciations of Joyce Underwood, Mary Haynes and Marian Hopkins, who have recently died. Please use the IN MEMORIAM button above or click HERE.

Brian's jokes are HERE.

Photo Competition 2018

The Photo Competition closed on 27/9/18. The winning entries are displayed below.

First Prize

Photo Competition First prize

First Prize in our Photographic Competition goes to Oliver Webb. His unusual, some might say surprising, view of the East end of St Mary’s was chosen unanimously by the judges. Congratulations to Oliver, who was just 10 years old when the picture was taken.

Second Prize

Photo Competition Second prize

The Second Prize in our Photographic Competition goes to Paul Wickens, with a lovely aerial view of the church.

Joint Third Prizes

Joint Third Prizes in our Photographic Competition go to Juliana Barrett and Andrew Merritt.

Photo Competition Joint Third prize

Juliana Barrett's photo led from darkness into light (but the way is narrow).

Photo Competition Joint Third prize

This classic view of the church was taken by Andrew Merritt.

Highly Commended

Highly Commended Prizes in our Photographic Competition go to Grace and Amelia Hodgson.

Photo Competition Highly Commended

Grace (aged 8) gave a new perspective to the new (1629)bell-tower.

Photo Competition Highly Commended

Amelia (aged 11) contrasted the lichen-colours on an ancient gravestone with the bright brick of the bell-tower.

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