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Report of The Friends of St Mary’s Winkfield (FOSMW) AGM
Friday 21 February 2020 in Popels Hall

Present: Ian Cadell, Anthony Hodson, Margaret-Anne Hodson, Jonathan Hemsley, Carole Luck, Lesley Philpot, Adrienne Jones, Patricia Powell, Pamela Brown, Jean Brown, Sharon Cakebread, Esther Bond, Moira Gaw, Jonathan Holl, Russell Goodburn.

1. The Chairman welcomed members to the AGM.

2. Apologies were received from:- Dorothy Pearson, Richard Loveys, Huw Mordecai, Tony Bish, Sue Bish, Madeline Holl, Aubrey Bowden, Mary Bowden, Paul Jackson, Joan Doughty, Sue Freeland, Jill Glennerster.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 28.2.19 were agreed as a true and accurate record proposed by Carole Luck and seconded by Margaret-Anne Hodson.

4. The following were unanimously re-elected as officers and Trustees of the Association.

5. The Chairman presented her report for the year. The electrics project had been delayed due to the parish finance position, and support being given to more pressing issues, however it is intended to progress this in earnest in 2020.

Fundraising planned for 2020:

6. The Treasurer presented his report and provided the following summary:

Anthony wished to acknowledge that the success of fundraising events in 2019 were primarily due to the substantial donations and generosity from individuals.

Anthony asked all Friends to review which has much information, but welcomes any comments or observations to himself or Ian Cadell.

Carole Luck proposed the report, seconded by Russell Goodburn. The meeting accepted the report.

7. Margaret-Anne hopes that improvements to the sound system as part of the electrics project can be implemented before the next Music and Merriment Christmas concert. Patricia Powell also wished for better sound quality at future meetings, which would not be an easy fix.

8. Anthony advised that a young performer, Harvey Lin, would be in St Mary’s on Sunday after the 11:00 service to give a 16min performance on the piano, all are welcome.

9. The meeting closed at 2020 hrs.

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