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Music and Merriment

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Welcome to the private MandM Concert page.

This page is the centre for access to MandM concert details. It is unlinked, so please write down the web address - if you forget the address, please ring Anthony or write to

Draft concert candout 17/11/23

A draft programme handout has been published today for final comment. The latest version is timestamped 17/11/23 on the fromt page. The programme itself is not published separately, and any copies you may have will have been superseded

Message 2/11/23

Many of the concert arrangements are falling into place, and the Concert Programme is nearly final. Instead of a separate document, the programme is now documented in the draft cpncert handout, accessible by one of the buttons above.

Contents 7/11/23

This is what you will find on this page:

About this page

This page is maintained by Anthony Hodson ( and is under constant development. Please be in touch with Anthony if you have questions, comments, or material that you feel is important to go up on this or a related web page. The time stamp of this page is in small print at the bottom left of the page, although a new timestamp will not necessarily imply change.

The site will use additional pages. For example, there is for the Junior Choir (accessed by one of the buttons above).

Concert principals

Concert Principals are all the people concerned with management of 'departments' of the concert. Their names are listed from a button above.

Rehearsals on the day (revised 25/11)

As of 22/11/23, the rehearsals planned on the day at St Mary's church are:

Car parking

Carparking for rehearsals in the church should be in the church forecourt, or the Popels Hall carpark 100 yards towards Ascot.On the day, off-road parking will be available at the Old Vicarage - more details to follow. White Hart customers can park in the pub carpark.

Some special arrangements for parking will apply to on the day. There will be car-parking attendants before the concert to assist. Car sharing on the day is recommended when possible.

Dress code

The dress-code for all adult performers is black tie for gentlemen and long, all black skirts or trousers for ladies except:


Once in Royal David's City

Go, tell it on the mountain

I saw three ships

O little town of Bethlehem

The holly and the ivy


Christmas hath a darkness

You can purchase Music and Merriment tickets online.
Performers go in free.

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