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Organ pipe sponsorship

All pipes have now been sponsored, so that aspect of the Organ Restoration Appeal has been satisfactorily concluded. The appeal continues for now, but without pipe sponsorship.

Directory of pipes

Thank you

We are deeply grateful to the generosity of all the many individuals, families and companies who have sponsored pipes. We particularly thank the generous unidentified sponsor of the pipes D# to B of Principal 4 in the Great division, as we cannot thank her or him any other way.

Organ pipe sponsorship

All pipes are now sponsored

Updated to 22/11/2018. Percentage of target reached: 100.0%

Pedal division (pedalboard)

Principal 8 - a core pedal stop; (total £380)

Bourdon 16 - The lowest stop for low-note depth.
Coupled to Bass Flute 8 and Flute 4 (total £826)

Great division

Trumpet 8 - a loud stop played for the occasion (total £550)

Mixture 19/22 - used for brightening and colouring for effect (total £344)

Fifteenth 2 - used for colouring - the highest stop (total £344)

Harmonic Flute 4 - a gentle brightening stop (total £414)

Principal 4 - a strong brightening stop (total £413)

Stopped Diapason 8 - important for moderately loud passages (total £688)

Dulciana 8 - a very gentle stop (total £276)

Open diapason 8 - the primary Great stop, with carrying power (total £688)

Swell division

Oboe 8 - a clear reed stop that carries (total £688)

Sesquialtera 12/17 - used for strong colouring (total £413)

Principal 4 - a strong brightening flute stop (total £413)

Open Diapason 8 - the primary Swell stop (total £688)

Rohr Flute 8 - a gentle flute stop (total £413)

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